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Web Design Sri lanka

We at designs and develops the websites which are accessible in all the devices desktop, laptop, smartphones, tablets & more (i.e we do responsive web design). Not only that, having our clients' sales in mind, we incorporate the best "call of actions" in the website to convert the website visitors into customers. Also, we account search engines rankings when we design & develop websites, and ensure our design, coding and entire web development processes meet search engines webmaster guidelines to ensure the website is search engine friendly. contact us, your web designer in Sri Lanka, for your web designing, redesigning, web promotions and more.

Having website is must for businesses in Sri Lanka, to cope with varying customer demands which are triggered by fast growing technology. The business website which is designed by professional web designers and web developers in Sri Lanka, the, having the customers behaviors in mind, helps businesses in various ways to succeed.

With the growth of technology, the customers in Sri Lanka starts to seek information about businesses via online, and website is the best choice to showcase details about your business online. Also, customers are using various search engines, directories and social media online to find out services or products to fulfill their needs, wants and likes – this urges businesses in Sri Lanka to have a website & expand their business by reaching more customers through their website. is a web designing company in Sri Lanka, offering all web designing & internet marketing services under one roof and ease your business development, marketing and sales activities. is your Sri Lanka web design and web development company with a team of experienced professional, creative and skilled web designers, web developers, content writers, SEO consultants, social media marketers & pay-per-click experts. Connect with us for the best website design in Sri Lanka for your business. We initiate the web designing project by inquiring & discussing your initial requirements, then we plan web design project specification, and have discussions with you to ensure we have captured your business needs, and then we start with the web development & designing.

A good website acts as your employee for 24 X 7 to market your business, to take care of your customers & your sales. designs website for Sri Lanka and international clients & with our designs we apply various tools and methods to communicate with the website visitors online, and place efforts with automated functions to convert a visitor into a customer for you.

A website makes your business available for your customers whenever they need your product or service, or whenever your customers want to contact you, rather than walking to your store or showroom. That is website makes your customer to connect with you easier without any hassles. People usually go ahead with the easiest things to do, when there are lots of easy options available in the market, why do they choose a non-easy option? Well, still do not you have a website for your business in Sri Lanka? Or you want to redesign your website to give more easiness for your customers? Request a web design quote today & let's build the best ever website for your business to increase your sales & customer loyalty.

Under current climate of technology, having just a website is not enough to attract the customers. It is important to have responsive web design, that is a website which is accessible through all the devices smartphones, tablets etc. Increased use of smartphones and other mobile devices in Sri Lanka, pushes businesses to enter into responsive website design contract with a web designer in Sri Lanka to keep their customers happy and further to stay above their competitors (or to give head to head marketing challenge to the competitors). We at, are ready to design your website that is compatible with all the mobile devices.

If your website does not give better experience on mobile devices, users will close your website and simply go for other website which is easy to use. That is, by having poor website for mobile devices, you are loosing a customer / sale. A responsive website helps to boost your R.O.I, because of the increased mobile users, compare to desktop / laptop users. Not only that, search engines give more preferences for responsive websites when ranking the search engine results. On the other hand, with increased popularity of social media like Facebook, the importance of responsive design becomes unavoidable. Because, people usually associate with social media on their mobile devices and click links and visit websites from mobile devices itself.
Conversion Rates helps you to increase conversion rates with our web design. By having easy to find, easy to see contact information, conversion rates of a website can be increased. For example, having a quick contact form (with name, phone #, email), having a contact number in big text, having attractive inquiry/offer buttons are some items, we take into account, when we plan about increasing conversion rates of website for your business.

Depends on your industry we do research in local & international market, and propose the best call of actions to transfer a visitor easily into a customer. Please note that, here is what runs extra miles for you, compare to our competitors, and design a website with better call of actions to increase your sales. For an example, if you are a Sri Lanka tour business, then it is recommended to have a quick form to request a tour package, a transfer request from one location to another, a form to book accommodation etc.

Having a website which is accessible in all devices is not enough to get sales & other benefits, it is must to have a website with better call of actions to increase the conversion rates. Contact, your web development company in Sri Lanka, for a website with the most wanted call of actions, to have more interaction with website visitors & increase sales.
Search Engine Friendly
Search engines like Google becomes a popular choice for internet users to search and find whatever they want. For example, if someone wants to find a web designer in Sri Lanka, they may search on Google like "Web design Sri Lanka" and find list of web designers in Sri Lanka. This causes the businesses to get list their websites in search engine results. To do so, there are technical settings to be implemented during the web designing process. Being a professional web designer and search engine optimization consultant in Sri Lanka, always ensures our designs are search engine friendly and we further offer the search engine marketing services (a separate service from web designing) to get our clients listed on search engine results.

Search engines send free visitors / traffic to websites. No one wants to miss the "Freebies". But, there are competitions to get that free traffic from search engines like Google. Businesses should put efforts to beat their competitions and out-rank competitors to get more traffic/visitors from search engines. A search engine friendly web design company in Sri Lanka, the assures, your business website is search engine friendly and meets the search engines guidelines, and easy for search engine marketing consultant to proceed further and get top rankings on search engines results pages.

Our Services

Web Design
Are you looking for web designer in Sri Lanka who helps you to have responsive website, with prominent call of actions to switch visitors into customers, and a website which is search engine friendly? is the best choice to hire as your website designer in Sri Lanka. With experience and professional skills, we offer web designing services to business in Sri Lanka and international at the best affordable prices. In order to deliver the website that wins hearts of your customers, we want you to involve in initial requirements gathering stage, and based on requirements collected we create web design plan. After you approve the web design plan, we design, code, program and develop your website. We redesign websites too, if you want a website redesigner in Sri Lanka feel free to contact us.
Do you want to see your website on top rankings on Google search results page? We are here to help you to get top ranking on Google and other search engines. With our search engine optimization & search engine marketing services, we start with a online market research, and analyze your market including the online demand & online competition for your business. Based on the output, we create various SEO strategies and implement those strategies, to get top rankings on Google and other search engines for your website. is your search engine marketing consultant to get more traffic and sales for your business. Having just a website does not simply create sales for you, but a website which is promoted via search engine helps to increase your bank balance.
Social Media
Looking for a social media marketer in Sri Lanka, to increase your brand awareness, increase sales and more? Connect with today, for your social media marketing needs. We offer affordable social media marketing packages to generate more likes/follows in popular social media platforms. Due to the fact it is free to use, social media becomes a hot topic these days, even having social media profile becomes a fashion, a passion and a prestige these days. This drives businesses in Sri Lanka to expose their existence in social media platforms too, and it is another unavoidable marketing tactic the businesses should adopt in Sri Lanka.

Web Hosting
Domain Registration
Google Adwords

What Clients Say About Us

– Andrew,Cape Coral, Florida, U.S.A
“ Took the ball and ran with it, thinking ahead for our benefit. Already planning his next project so, that demonstrates how good he is! Thank you!! ”
– Frank, London, U.K
“ Excellent Service provider – EQ Solutions did a fantastic job, communication was exceptional, it was done on time and exceeded all my expectation. Will post another project for them as soon as possible. Results are already there and are getting better every day – Highly Recommended!!! ”
– Karl, Strasburg, U.S.A
"Great project. Did everything to perfection. Excellent worker. Excellent work was done on my project. Fast and professional. I would rate 10+++ ”

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Importance of Website for Your Business in Srilanka

In Sri Lanka, with growing use of internet & mobile devices and globalization, people often search online to buy a product, hire a service, to find information about a business etc. With such increased demand through online, it is mandatory for businesses to secure their position in the online space through various platforms such as a website, Facebook fan page, top rankings on Google etc. With Booming technology such demand can grow further and move towards more advanced formats to make the things easier for people.

So, it is vital for you to have a website for your business, which is the starting point of getting online and keep in touch with your customers and prospective customers online. Are you searching for a web designer in Sri Lanka? We are here to design your website and take you forward with more advanced level as technology grows, by so your business is growing further faster than expected. contact us today for web designing, web developing, web marketing (such as search engine marketing, social media marketing, pay per click campaigns etc), web hosting, domain registration, web content writing, website maintenance and more.

Compare with the costs of other marketing channels such as newspaper advertisement, television (TV) & radio advertisement, magazines advertisement and etc, the online promotions cost very much low for the businesses. With the price of single full page advertisement on a popular newspaper in Sri Lanka on a Sunday (note : a single day), you can get your website designed by professional web designers in Sri Lanka (may be even lower price subjected to your industry and number of web pages you would like to have on the website).

Why We are the Best Web Design Company in Srilanka

We offer power packed web designing and internet marketing services for our clients at affordable prices, compare to our competitors and other marketing channels. Our power pack web designing and digital marketing services includes web designing, responsive design, implementation of best call of actions, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, pay-per-click campaigns, web hosting, domain registration, web content writing and website maintenance.

We are experienced and skilled web designers in Sri Lanka, operating from the capital Colombo. Not only designing your website, makes sure your website is available for all the devices from smartphones to tablets, and our designs for multiple devices guarantees to deliver the best user experience. On top of responsive web design, we investigate, research & analyze the best call of actions to implement for your business & industry, locally & internationally, and go for the best, to make website as the best sales driver for your business.

Other than the implementation of call of actions, optimizes your website for search engines to get best rankings on search results page to bring more visitors to your website. With our search engine marketing (also known as search engine optimization or SEO), we get your website listed on top, in search engine results page for the search terms related to your business. We have proven track of records on the ranked phrases so far on Google and other search engines. We offer social media marketing services to expose your brand in various social media platforms and drive more visitors to your website. contact us today for your web designing and internet marketing needs in Sri Lanka. We are just a single click away.